The Cedar Mesa of Utah contains one of the largest concentration of Anasazi ruins in the Southeast United States.  Cedar Mesa had repeated occupation and abandonment periods, the first of which as early as BC1500.  Through pottery, art, habitation sites and the granaries pictured above researchers have been able to date back thousands of years to learn more about these cultures and people.

Note the finger prints left from hand molding the wall.

As I sat where 700 years before Anasazi people left their finger prints molded in clay I posed the question, “What is it all for?” Not to get too deep here but like many people in their 30’s I do ponder self existentialism from time to time.

What did I come up with?  That no one knows what things will be like in another 700 years or next week for that matter.  That the people that built these structures did so out of necessity and didn’t know what the future held.  That you don’t know the outcome of taking big risks; sometimes there will be defeats but sometimes there will be greatness.

Or maybe Kurt Vonnegut said it best, “I tell you, we are here on Earth to fart around, and don’t let anybody tell you different.”


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